One of a kind natural edge tables

About Us

About Us

Bill Yarnell is the owner of the Yarnell Tree Company inc., dedicated to the care and preservation of trees and plants.

His company removes old diseased,decayed,dying,hazardous trees and these become the wood source for these beautiful tables. They take them down, mill them, dry them, and then turn them into beautiful live edge furniture.

You’ll appreciate the effect that Mother Nature has on wood and the beautiful grain and incredible figure that make these tables so unique and one of a kind.

On The Edge Tables combine the rustic look with the contemporary.

These tables are built one at a time.
They are hand crafted, truly one of a kind tables.
Bill loves that natural edge look.
His tables combine the rustic with the contemporary.
His favorite woods are walnut,cherry,and sugar maple,and they have a good supply of these kiln dried woods, but they also have many other wood types to choose from.
They offer a variety of table leg materials and styles. Most of the tables are hardwood or metal which gives them that contemporary look.

Bill will work with you from beginning to end with design, wood types, finish, and shipping. We can make this truly custom to your specifications. Together we can build a gorgeous table that will be passed on for generations.